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With the world becoming smaller day by day and people all over the world wanting to travel and explore, the need for reliable transport is one of the biggest demands on earth, around the clock. Transport Hub are a national company that have been operating for over 10 years in the United Kingdom and are the leading minibus and coach hire providers. Not only do we provide exceptional vehicles with highly experienced drivers, but we offer personalised transport services, whereby, your full journey is thoroughly pre-planned according to what your particular requirements are. Transport Hub provide assistance with planning your full route, allocating the best times to travel, so that you arrive in time to your destination and help you select the right minibus or coach that is most suitable for your trip. We take great care with every aspect of the services that we provide in order to ensure that your travel experience with us is the best you have ever had and that everything runs perfectly for you on the day. Providing first-rate customer services is at the heart of everything that we do, which is why we are the leading private hire minibus and coach providers and retained the largest number of repeat customers over the years. The quality of our services is unparalleled and no other minibus or coach company provide the great attention to detail with every booking like Transport Hub does. Transport Hub offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry, without ever compromising on the high-quality of service that we consistently provide.

Why Transport Hub

Under the parent company of Transport Hub, we serve all major areas of the United Kingdom, one of which is Minibus Hire Birmingham. One of the key components of serving a particular location is to thoroughly know the location. Minibus Hire Birmingham have been driving on the roads of Birmingham for many years and it now seems like a second home to us. Minibus Hire Birmingham know the roads, routes, traffic habits and the type of journey requests that our customers frequently make. Having local knowledge is absolutely vital in the transport industry as it saves time and any inconveniences that could’ve been easily avoided if you know where you are going and which areas are the busiest at which times. Minibus Hire Birmingham are fully-equipped with this knowledge and employ this information to every single booking, which ensures, a smooth and timely journey for you every single time.

Birmingham city has a population of approx. 1.1 million people and 4.3 million people if you include the whole metropolitan area. Birmingham is the second major city in the United Kingdom. Situated in the West Midlands, Birmingham is the fourth most visited city in the United Kingdom. It attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world who come to see popular sites such as, Cadburys World, Edgbaston Cricket Ground (following sports events) or the Birmingham NEC, where various events are held, all year round. Numerous visitors choose to stay in Birmingham, especially people who are touring England, as it is a fairly central location and day hires to London or the North of England are easier to travel to and from. As well as being a central location in England, the accommodation is more cost-effective compared to for example, London. Minibus Hire Birmingham assign licenced, qualified and experienced drivers to each minibus and coach, who have years of driving experience behind them. They are familiar with Birmingham, as well as, driving nationally and have significant knowledge of some of the most popular travel routes. They understand the traffic and know the roads very well, which ultimately, results in comfortable and timely journey for you. Minibus Hire Birmingham have trained the booking staff who are fully competent in assisting you through the whole booking process and organising your full journey according to what your specific travel requirements are. Minibus Hire Birmingham assist you with planning the best and most direct route for your journey, help you select the right minibus for your particular trip and help you with the allocation of the best times to travel, so that you arrive in time to your chosen destination. In other words, Minibus Hire Birmingham pre-organise every single excursion beforehand, making sure that you have a safe, comfortable and thoroughly enjoy your travel experience with Minibus Hire Birmingham. The main priority for Minibus Hire Birmingham has always been your complete satisfaction with every aspect of your minibus or coach hire with us, whereby, Minibus Hire Birmingham make sure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish. This detailed level of care that Minibus Hire Birmingham provide with each booking eliminates any possible setbacks on the day of travel, as well as, helping us to retain thousands of long-standing customers who enjoy the first-rate service that we consistently deliver in every aspect.

Along with the top-quality service that Minibus Hire Birmingham provide and the highly trained staff and drivers, Minibus Hire Birmingham offer an extensive range of minibuses and coaches that are highly maintained at all times. Minibus Hire Birmingham regularly service and valet all vehicles, so that your journey is as comfortable as possible for you. The main priority of most of our customers is to enjoy their travel in a comfortable vehicle, that is reliable and relaxing all the way. In terms of the seating capacity, Minibus Hire Birmingham offer 8-seater minibuses, 10-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 14-seater minibuses, 16-seater minibuses, 24-seater coaches, 29-seater coaches, 33-seater coaches, 41-seater coaches, 49-seater coaches and 53-seater coaches. Minibus Hire Birmingham also provide both standard and executive vehicles and some of the features included on the vehicles are: luggage compartments, Sat Nav, wide aisles, entertainment systems, wheelchair access, leather seats, tables, arm rests, cup holders and WI-FI. Minibus Hire Birmingham always ensure that all vehicles are in mint condition and extremely comfortable to the point where you do not want to exit the vehicle. In fact, Minibus Hire Birmingham have often received feedback on the high level of comfort on our vehicles, whereby, numerous customers return for repeat business on the previously booked minibus or coach.

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